what we do

“Hope for the dying villages” project

This project was set up to help the elderly and disabled people who live in the mountain villages of South West Bulgaria. Following the collapse of Communism in Bulgaria, the younger people moved to the towns to find jobs and those who were elderly and disabled stayed behind, living alone in deprived conditions. There is no medical or social care in these villages. LFB provides food, clothes, medication, pastoral care, literature and wood to those villagers who are most vulnerable. This project has been a great success as many communities have been reached and helped in the last 10 years.

Disabled people

For disabled people such as Dimityr,  life is very difficult in his village. He lost his leg a few years ago and since then he has not been able to access the village square as his house is on a slope. As a result of his disability Dimityr has become isolated and has lost his independence.  The ‘Light for Bulgaria’ team has provided  him with a ramp next to his house and he is now able to visit his friends and to socialise in the village square. LFB also has provided  him with clothes, medication and food.

Practical and medical  help

Dimityr ErmenkovDSCF2410 copyDimityr Ermenkov

The elderly we visit live in great poverty as their pensions are minimal and they are not able to have a nutritious diet or have the means to pay for their medication. LFB team provides food parcels for those in greatest need.

Pastoral care


Many we visit in the isolated mountain villages suffer from depression or other illnesses. The LFB team visits many and provides pastoral care in the form of counselling and prayer. We also distribute Bibles and Christian literature.

Poor families’ project

We identify vulnerable families who are in need of our support and we provide practical and spiritual support. Issues here include mental illness, domestic violence, neglect, physical disability, homelessness and/or terminal illness.

Family in crisis

Dimityr ErmenkovDimityr Ermenkov

Family Tsaparkovi lost their home in a fire. They have five children. Nobody was hurt but they lost all their few belongings. LFB provided them with building materials to rebuild their home, clothes, shoes, books, textbooks, curtains, carpets, etc. Also, our team supported them emotionally through this difficult phase of their lives.

Large families


Family  …..were not able to afford to collect their two twins from their local hospital when they were born.  LFB team provided transport and supported the family to collect their twins. There are  3 other children in this family. LFB has provided food, clothes, windows, curtains, toys, carpets and books.

‘Reaching orphans’ Project

Visiting orphanages


The LFB team visits orphanages to offer friendship, practical support and pastoral care to children who have been abandoned by their parents. The LFB team distributes personal gifts, clothes, books, Bibles, toys and craft materials to various orphanages in South West Bulgaria.

Orphans in the community


Emil lost both of his parents few years ago. Since then his heath has deteriorated and he lost his mobility. ‘Light for Bulgaria’ provided a full time carer for Emil who cared for him at home and also at the hospital. Also, Emil was given food and clothes.

Reaching homes for people with disabilities

LFB team visits some homes for people with physical disabilities in South West Bulgaria and provides clothes, personal gifts, books and Bibles.


Reaching homes for people with mental health issues


LFB visits the supported living home for women with mental health issues located in village of Razdol. LFB has founded an art club in the home and has distributed many clothes, personal gifts and Bibles.

‘Animals for you’ project

DSCF5117 copy2www

Thanks to your generous support, LFB has bought goats as gifts for disadvantaged families and orphans in the community.

Kamentcho was abandoned by his parents as a baby and has been raised by his grandmother. He struggles to speak and lives in great poverty. LFB has given him a goat so that he can have a nutritious diet.